ABC Radio Interview

Please click the link below to listen to our monthly session with ABC Radio.

This interview featuring Joana Cubillos (MCOT Board members) and Datta Mahambrey (MCOT Chairperson)

Joana talks about her move from Chile to Hobart and demonstrates a Venezuelan instrument.

The link

Please click the link below to listen to an interview between Datta Mahambrey (MCOT Chairperson) and Duncan Spender (MCOT CEO) with Radio Hobart.


ABC Radio Interview with MCOT Chair and Senior Vice Chair

MCOT board 2019-20 Highlights 

Guided the organisation through the many challenges of COVID to date, as they affected migrants both on permanent and temporary visas, by lobbying governments and distributing grant moneys to those in need;

Initiated the 40th birthday celebrations of MC)T with an event at Government House and launched the Multicultural Day, Ambassadors and Awards at an event in Parliament House;

Initiated vigils and supported communities in the aftermath of the Christchurch and Sri Lankan Easter attacks;

Significantly increased membership, positive recognition from other peak bodies, improved governance and stakeholder confidence;

Formed a strategic partnership with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia to hold a Multicultural Festival, which will go ahead when COVID restrictions are lifted;

Courtesy of Hina’s efforts and leadership, Hobart became the venue for the 40th Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Council of Australia, Conference 2019, attracting over 500 delegates from across Australia.

MCOT media release – more female representation of multicultural community

Please find attached a media release from the Multicultural Council of Tasmania regarding increased female representation for multicultural Tasmania.  Also attached are associated photos.

Picture 1

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Mercury : Decide our own distance

Decide our own distance – Mercury 19 June 2020


Media release Racism is in all countries, but we can tackle it here

Media release Racism is in all countries, but we can tackle it here. 


Media release Un-Australian vandalism of Tasmanian Buddhist Temple

Media release Un-Australian vandalism of Tasmanian Buddhist Temple On Monday 25 May 2020 police were alerted to an incident of racist vandalism, with what appears to be egg with white paste having been thrown against a sign at the Jin-Gang- Dhyana Buddhist Temple in Campania.


Media Release – Government needs to respond to racist attacks in Tasmania 20th May 2020

The Multicultural Council of Tasmania (MCOT) today called on all levels of government to run anti-racist campaigns to dispel myths feeding racism.


Summarised advice from the Red Cross about support options currently available to those on temporary visas

1) Register with the Tasmanian government grant

The Tasmanian Government has announced support for temporary visa holders who are experiencing difficulties.
There are three types of assistance that will be made available to temporary visa holders:

* Pandemic Isolation Assistance Grants support/household/emergency-support-for-vulnerable-
tasmanians will be made available for those who can demonstrate genuine financial hardship as
a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

* Emergency relief and assistance will be provided through
partnered non-government organisations where required.
Details of this support and how to access it will be provided
on the Government website when available.

* Support to return to your country of origin. The nature of
support will be determined once we have a clear picture of
who needs help and where they are going. Anyone wanting
assistance to return to their country of origin must register
their interest by 5.00pm, 23 May 2020.

2) Register with the Red Cross Federal funding (see below)…/help-for-migrants-in-transiti…

3) Check the UTAS site to see if eligible

University of Tasmania is offering a Fast Track Safety Net Grant of up to $350 for support with living costs and study resources and Safety Net Grant Scheme which offers discretionary grants of up to $2,000.

4) Ring a food provider (see list attached)

5) Make sure you talk to landlord about reducing rent, they cannot ask you to leave if you can’t pay rent at this time.

6) Contact MCOT (below) for a voucher.

In these extraordinary times, MCOT is providing small vouchers for necessities such as groceries for Tasmanians with a culturally, linguistically or religiously diverse background who find themselves in need. To request a voucher, please email [email protected] with your full name, address and a brief explanation of your financial hardship (e.g. job loss).


Media Release – Allow overseas- qualified health practitioners to work

Media release – allow overseas-qualified health practitioners to work.


Media Release – Celebrate Harmony Week at home

Media release — Celebrate Harmony Week at home 16 March 2020 Media release – Multicultural Council cancels Harmony Week gatherings.


Media Release – Against Racism

Media release — Against Racism 20 March 2020 Media release – Against Racism 20 March 2020 (1)


Media Release – Our Leaders’ Message of Hope

MCOT media release on corona virus

MCOT media release – 10 March – corona virus


Religious freedom shouldn’t override Tasmania’s racism ban

Media Release 13 January 2020 Religious Freedom shouldn’t override Tasmania’s racism ban The Multicultural Council of Tasmania (MCOT) has today delivered a constructive submission to the Commonwealth Government on its religious discrimination bills.

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